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Testimonials for GiggleMed.com Medical Humor

“We were looking at this site during a conference call with our sister hospital, a very “prestigious” medical institution. Thank heavens for the MUTE button :)”– ICP

“I am a new graduate nurse and my classmates and I think this is the most hilarious medical site ever. It has kept us laughing through nursing school as I’m sure it will keep us going in the future”– Katie Davis, RN

“Love the site and the emails. After a long stressful day in ICU, I need a good laugh.”– Anonymous

“I teach nursing and sometimes the students are so serious and focused that they start losing any signs of having fun. Your site has provided me with good clean nursing/medical humor to help them learn to make light of some of the situations they find themselves in.”– Diana RN

“I love the site! Great stories and pictures!!!”– Tina RN

“My coworker and I love getting our updated ChartFarts on e-mail! We are the team leaders for transcription services in a large hospital, so sometimes we think we’ve seen/heard it ALL, and then our ChartFarts come – and it makes us realize we haven’t seen/heard half of it! We just wish there were more!! Keep it coming…” – J&M, Team Leaders

“Awesome site….I have a staff appreciation party every year and always try to give humorous awards, prank certificates, etc. I love the engraved bedpan idea.”– W. Brown

“I love the handwashing pics on your site. We recently had a c. diff outbreak on the floor I work on and it provided some comic relief for the nurses and it was a great reminder!”– A. M. RN

“Thanks for a big belly laugh”– E.D. – Bioethicist

“Great site! Found tons of ideas for all my fellow RTs and the nurses in my family! I love funny medical gifts!!”
– A.E. – MRI Tech

“This site is hilarious!!! What a relief!!”– Jandy – Xray Tech

“Our job isn’t always lighthearted, so it’s nice when we have a little extra something to make us giggle!… This site is awesome!”– Dr. A. Hager

“Incredibly funny and witty – nice to read before a long shift!”– S.T, FY1

“We often ‘preach’ good health is about balance. Humor provides balance to the stress of healthcare delivery. Funny tales provide a forum for critical self examination, and an opportunity to learn.”– H.Ballard, MD

“I love this website!!! I have had many medical problems my whole life long (I’m 33 and this list of medical problems keeps growing…). And I deal with it all with my sense of humor, which has saved my sanity on more than one occasion So I dearly LOVE this website!!! Thank you so very much!!!”– Sara McHale

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