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Sometimes Stuff is Funnier When It’s Random


This “game” is better played with a group of 2 or more players, but you can also play it alone. Here’s how it works… You are given an incomplete medical document where every so often a word is missing. It could be a progress note, a history and physical, a procedure note, a hospital memo, etc.

Before looking at the medical document, you are given a list of parts of speech – noun, verb, adjective, diagnosis, person’s name, etc. (Don’t worry, no past participles :) You or your friends and colleagues fill in those parts of speech at random.

Then you plug your answers into the document. Try one out, but make sure your bladder isn’t full.

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Fun Dx – Random Diagnosis Generator

Now this is absolutely hilarious. It is best experienced if you are in a literal-type mood and you have a vivid, visual imagination. Or, it also works well if you are in a middle school-type mood, where bodily functions are particularly funny for some reason.

You’ll laugh with almost every click of the button. Every time you click, three random health care terms are put together. The result is a funny concoction that, if you think about it for a moment, could conjure up a hilarious visual.

This thing can be addictive, especially if you’re sitting there with someone else. Your cheeks will hurt from laughing so hard.

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GiggleMed on StumbleUpon

This is an opportunity to see the non-GiggleMed sites out there that GiggleMed staffers finds funny. StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to surf the web at random, or “stumble” the web.

As you stumble, you can bookmark the sites you like and post comments on them. You also have the opportunity to stumble through sites that others have liked. That’s where we come in… You can stumble through the tons of humor sites that GiggleMed has bookmarked.

It’s particularly fun because you don’t have to type in web addresses or look for links to click on… Just click the stumble button in your browser. And if you don’t like the site that comes up, click the button again. You can sample a bunch of funny sites on the web at random.

So, get started stumbling. And when you sign up, be sure to tag GiggleMed as a friend and bookmark GiggleMed.com and any particular GiggleMed posts you like.

If you have a medical humor site you think we might like, shoot us an email at funnystuff[at]gigglemed.com and ask us to stumble your page.

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