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Nursing Comic: Call Bell Jokes

The call bell rings and it takes forever for the nurse to get there. But don’t blame the nurse, blame the overseers. They’re concerned with documentation, not patient care. You don’t need to actually do any nursing with diligence and care… You just have to rush through it and then spend hours documenting that you did it. There’s no time for call bells… that is, until some disconnected committee declares that call bell to room entry times need documentation too. And that, of course, will have a form, too.

Got an idea for a caption to go beneath this image of a call bell? Let us know. If we use your nursing comic caption, we’ll send you a funny “From the Call Bell” magnet (from the GiggleMed medical humor gift store).

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SirJohnny says:

Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish.

Kim says:

Hello, you’ve reached the nursing station call service. Your call bell is important to us. You, however, need to wait your turn.

If you need to urinate press twice. If you have already urinated in the bed, press once, as obviously your need to void has passed.

If you are hungry, press three times. If you are here for intractable abdominal pain, you are not going to get any food so suck it up, no pun intended…..

(Oh geeze, do I have a post idea now! : D)

Strong One says:

I’m impressed you have the callbell with the redcross sign instead of the lil nursing icon with a cap.
Man that drives me crazy.