Infectious Disease Jokes – A Virus Walks Into A Bar

Science humor and infectious disease jokes… for some of these you’ll just groan. For others, if you laugh at them, you are never permitted to refer to anyone else as a “geek” or a “nerd” again. And if you like this video, you’ll love GiggleMed’s new book, “Bugs on Scrubs” – a great holiday gift for geeks like you – especially if they work in healthcare.

Not nearly as corny as some of the jokes above… Bugs on Scrubs is the new medical humor book about a knock-down, drag-out, open-up-a-can argument between a nurse and a doctor… It’s a great gift idea and it’s only 10 bucks. Get it now. Just click on this book:

Funny infection control humor book - Bugs on Scrubs

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Jason says:

I like the part where he describes viruses as a hostile takeover, your cells under new management. Keep up the academic jokes for those of us with a nerd style of understanding.

(long time diabetic)
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