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Free Stuff from Giggle Med.
No gimmicks. No hassles. No catch. and free medical humor downloads to help you spread smiles.


  • You’ve Got Chart Farts®! email service
  • Bowel Run – hilarious game for iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • iThrock – Virtual Throckmorton App for iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Chart Farts® v 3.0 for your Palm-OS device
  • Free Disimpaction Manual (in exchange for feedback)
  • Free Medical Humor download (in exchange for submitting Chart Farts®)
  • Free Medical Humor workbook for Physician Penmanship
  • Medical Humor Videos

Funny health care chart bloopers

You’ve Got Chart Farts®!: We all need a laugh once in a while to break some of the stresses of work in the healthcare industry or the difficulties in facing serious illness as a patient or family member. Here’s a free service that provides unique Chart Farts® directly to your email – once every two weeks. Sign up for You’ve Got Chart Farts! today. They’ll all be left wondering why you are smiling. Tell them that (: medicine is fun again :) ™.


Funny Medical iPhone Game - Bowel Run

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! Why not dive right in, literally, with Bowel Run… the funny new medical humor running game from

Almost like your own fantastic voyage up the bowel tract shooting polyps, destroying cancerous masses, and of course, jumping over caverns of stool.

Get your feet wet and your hands dirty with Bowel Run.

Funny sound effects. Addicting game play.

Are you prepped?

Download Bowel Run (FREE) now. The waiting room will never be the same.

Virtual Throckmorton Sign - Funny Free iPhone App

iThrock – Medical Humor App: Medical humor hits the iPhone and iPod with GiggleMed’s iThrock app. Throckmorton’s Sign is a (somewhat) fictitious radiographic sign that points out which side a radiologist should look for pathology. Let’s just say, that given the pointer used, this sign cannot be found in females. Ehh hmm.

Fortunately,, the Medical Humor site now offers a non-discriminatory, virtual (yet G-rated) version of Throckmorton’s Sign. This funny healthcare humor app works as a spinner, with 14 hilarious backgrounds to choose from. Great for radiologists, pulmonologists, medical students, medical residents, surgical residents, NPs, and PAs.

==> Get Your Virtual Throckmorton in the App Store

medical malapropisms always handy on your handheld device

Chart Farts® v 3.0 for Palm-OS: Need a break during a long night on call? Waiting too long for the elevator? Sitting in a boring conference? Sign up to get your free handheld version of Chart Farts® – instantly – in your email. Beam to your friends and colleagues.


ZIP file contains Chart Farts® handheld application, user manual, read me file, and user license.

This is a blatant free bribe… Here it goes: I will give you the funny report/download 25 Things You Never Want To Hear During a Disimpaction if you just tell me one of two things…

1 – Give me feedback on the GiggleMed sites – good or bad – just tell me what you think.


2 – Tell me a funny healthcare story… anything that happened to you or a colleague.

That’s it. Not too bad, huh? Laughter is the best laxative (that’s how it goes, right?).

==> Click Here Now To Get Started <==

Certainly a disimpaction manual is better than a manual disimpaction.

Another Free Medical Humor Download… And Another Bribe :)

If you are not seeing medical bloopers on charts, then you’re not reading medical charts. Once you see one, you’ll start to notice them everywhere. Well, when you do find one… send it in. Once you submit an original chart fart, you’ll be redirected to your bribe free gift… a funny medical humor PDF download.

==> Submit Chart Farts® <==

==> Submit Chart Farts® <==

Healthcare Reform Humor Workbook – Doctors’ Handwriting

Being a physician myself, I decided to take healthcare reform into my own hands. Here is step number one… a handwriting course for doctors.

By the way, try to ignore the subliminal messages embedded in this workbook. Those darn administrators and Joint Commissioners always slip stuff in there… don’t they?

Download it here:

==> Handwriting for Doctors – A Funny Workbook <==

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