Who is Dun Tzu?

Dun Tzu is pronounced, “Don’t Sue”. It started with GiggleMed’s first book The Art of Accreditation. GiggleMed.com authors wrote this Joint Commission parody based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

The parallels for war and accreditation (and for the Joint Commission and enemy forces) were too uncanny to ignore. At the same time though, there was some concern that it would not be looked upon favorably at our respective places of employment.

We made the decision to keep GiggleMed authors relatively anonymous.

Affirmation for this decision came when one of us was wearing JCAHO Came and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt at an American College of Physicians (ACP) conference. A TJC Commissioner was one of the featured speakers… Doh!… And he called out to this GiggleMed author in the middle of the speech, saying, “If you, or anyone else here for that matter, has a problem with Joint Commission, then you can come up here and speak to me afterwards.” This guy was not happy and he was not amused.

It’s a shame though, because we really feel that humor can really make a difference in the life of health care professionals. Too many people are overwhelmed, burning out, and frustrated. But at the same time, we are in a very rewarding field. It is disappointing to see the cynicism and burnout that is consuming some of our wonderful colleagues. Until, others feel the same way we do about humor and health care, we will continue to use pseudonyms – Dun Tzu, Sumi Knott, and others.

We welcome your thoughts and comments (and suggested pseudonyms).

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